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Masonry business loans give you a chance to invest in your business with less risk. The right funding program gives you access to the cash needed to advance your operations and keep up with today’s opportunities.

As construction demand grows across the country, the kinds of services offered by a brick and stone masonry business become critical. Masons are often used for such services as:

  • Creating facades
  • Stone paving for landscapes
  • Laying decorative walls
  • Existing stone and brick repairs

These kinds of projects create ample opportunity for masons. But not every business can afford to keep up with demand. Whether you need to bring on temp staff, invest in modern field service technology, or purchase new equipment, masonry business loans can help out. If you’re worried that a typical loan won’t work for your business – perhaps you’ve gone down that path before – then alternative lenders may be a good fit for you.

Masonry Business Loans – A Top-Down View

Let’s look at the big picture for a moment. Many small businesses have stopped using banks for loans. There are a bunch of factors at play here. Mergers in the banking sector have led to more giant banks and fewer small, local lenders. As such, the kinds of banks that you may have turned to for masonry business loans aren’t as widely available. At the same time, banks have to be really cautious about risk. Between high operational costs and heavy regulation, they can only afford to give loans to the strongest applicants. Small businesses rarely fall into that category.

Online lenders have emerged to fill the open space in the market. They process loans quickly – often in just a couple of days. They focus on small loans, so they aren’t as regulated. This gives them the freedom to work with those who would typically be considered less than ideal for lending.

The nature of alternative lenders makes them an ideal source for masonry business loans. From masonry repair business financing to working capital to help you deal with a cash flow problem, online lenders can help.

Helpful Ways Masonry Business Loans Can Be Used

Financing Equipment Purchases

Financing Equipment Purchases

Imagine you bid on a contract for a small commercial building. It’s a big effort for your business, but you have just enough to handle it and it would be a great step forward. You sell the contractor on your abilities and they want to bring you in as the subcontractor for masonry work, but the project specs change. Now you’ll need a specialty tool you don’t have. Renting the equipment is possible, but you’re only going to end up needing this tool down the line on future projects. Masonry business loans can give you the immediate capital to acquire specialized equipment.
Bridging a Financial Gap

Bridging a Financial Gap

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how strong your business is. When the construction down season hits, you may need cash to stay strong. A quick injection of cash through masonry business loans can keep you growing through a slow spell. The off season can be a time to invest in your business with cash flow or bridge loans that help you put money into things like payroll so you can keep staff on board. The working capital can help you bridge any financial gap you incur during the normal operation of your business.
Covering the Cost of Raw Materials

Covering the Cost of Raw Materials

Like most small business construction companies, masonry businesses don’t maintain a consistent supply of raw materials to support everyday operations, but rather acquire materials at wholesale as projects come up. Balancing the cost of raw materials with specific project requirements can be particularly challenging and costly. It can also be difficult to plan ahead to have materials on hand, as projects often come up quickly. Small business loans can help you navigate this situation. You can hold minimal raw materials in stock and, in the event that a major project arises and you lack cash, use a small loan to get the supplies you need.
Hiring Skilled Labor

Hiring Skilled Labor

Because masonry involves more specialization than some other types of construction, finding skilled labor for masonry work and bricklaying can be a challenge for business owners. Booms in both the construction and home improvement fields have put a premium on masonry work, and skilled masons tend to be in short supply. In areas where the weather is mild, available skilled labor can be particularly hard to find. Masonry businesses need to plan ahead for projects requiring skilled labor, and also be ready to pay for additional workers when the need arises.

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Working Capital Helps Masons Keep Up With Demand

Working capital funding stands out for masonry business loans because it is so flexible. You can use working capital loans for just about anything. The National Concrete Masonry Association explained that the growing popularity of concrete masonry systems are leading to a boom in the industry. This rising prominence of concrete service businesses, gives masons new opportunities for growth. The working capital obtained through a masonry business loan can help your business keep pace with demand.

You can also use working capital for:

  • Projects to implement sustainable materials: The global green buildings market is rising at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.26%, Market Research Future found.
  • Efforts to keep up with the growing pains of an expanding business: The U.S. masonry industry grew at a CAGR of 4.7% from 2013-2018, according to IBIS World.
  • Hiring new staff: IBIS World found there are now more than 209,000 masons working in the U.S. as employment needs rise in the sector.
  • Marketing: According to IBIS world, the masonry sector is made up a large number of small businesses, so you’ll need to be ready to compete to stand out in your community.

Working capital can function as an all-purpose option for masonry business loans. The funding option gives you an edge to stand out in the market.

Masonry Business Loans Designed for Your Stone Work Services:

  • Operating Expenses
  • Raw Materials
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Seasonal Hiring
  • Unexpected Bills
  • & Much More ...
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