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Poultry Farm Financing Can Lead to Healthy Growth

A major benefit of poultry farm loans, is that it gives you financial flexibility as you try to grow your business. Do you want to explore free range opportunities? The right financing can help you secure the resources you need. Are you looking to promote a specialized meat or egg product line? Poultry farm loans can be used to invest in marketing and advertising.

The agriculture business world is evolving. Therefore consumers are increasingly interested in knowing about how their food is raised and processed. They’re looking for sustainability and animal-friendly conditions. Whether you need to change how you operate or simply expand, poultry farm loans can help.

Find a Golden Egg with the Right Poultry Farm Loans

Traditional lending options, such as banks or the Small Business Administration, can work well if you need a large loan. SBA poultry loans, for example, are a great choice if you’re looking to purchase a large amount of land or invest in new, expensive structures.

But for many small farms, smaller amounts of cash that support specific initiatives can be more valuable. Here are some poultry farm loans that can work in small, short-term financing formats.

using poultry farm loans to purchase new chicken egg sorting equipment

Working Capital Small Business Loans

A major benefit of working capital poultry farm loans, is that they are very flexible. The working capital funds can be used to pay for various types of business operating expenses. For example, if you want to ship out more inventory to grocery stores to keep pace with rising demand. According to a 2014 study from the National Chicken Council, demand for chicken is high. Approximately 89 percent of consumers polled said they consumed chicken at least once within a two week period. Twenty-four percent of those polled said they plan to increase their chicken consumption.

If you want to expand your business to keep up with demand, you can use working capital to:

  • Hire staff to deal with operational challenges.
  • Purchase software that lets you improve efficiency.
  • Cover a sudden cash flow shortage to avoid business instability.

Equipment Financing for Poultry Farm Loans

Using poultry farm loans for equipment financing can help you respond to new demand from local restaurants and groceries in need of poultry. For instance, a small business loan can be used to purchase feeding equipment so you can keep pace with rising demand for locally sourced chickens.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture periodically assesses industry trends and highlights major movements. In fact these are large-scale studies. Which makes the data relevant for a longer period of time than typical market research. It’s important to note that the last time the USDA explored trends in local meat and poultry processing was in 2013. At the time, the USDA noticed an early-stage trend that has become mainstream. As predicted, more people are seeking locally sourced meat and poultry. In response, the USDA recommended farmers explore options to scale their processing facilities to meet local demands while complying with industry regulations.

Chicken Farm Loans Used for Marketing Costs

According to the National Chicken Council study mentioned earlier, chicken farms face stiff competition. While chicken consumption is increasing, changing dietary habits pose a serious challenge to long-term demand. As a result, chicken product producers will need to differentiate themselves in the market to stand out. This is a marketing challenge poultry farm loans can help with.

Marketing programs are valuable in fueling growth while driving positive product awareness. The right loan can help you bring in experts or pay for advertising. This will help you improve your image in the marketplace. Plus, it increases awareness of the many ways poultry contributes to a healthy diet.

Small Business Loans to Finance Your Poultry Farm Business:

  • Operational Expenses
  • Poultry Farm Equipment
  • Feed Supplies
  • Labor Costs
  • Unexpected Bills
  • & Much More ...
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