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Let’s Get to Know Each Other

We’d like to share some of the milestones we’ve achieved with your help. Our very first loan at QuickBridge provided a plumbing company $15,000 in working capital financing to purchase inventory needed to secure a highly desirable contract. The short-term loan did its job and laid the groundwork for that plumber to take on even bigger contracts through additional rounds of funding. It was the first of many QuickBridge success stories. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of customers grow their businesses in the same way – with Smarter Funding. Learn more about QuickBridge and our community involvement by visiting our QuickBridge in the News page.

"The story of QuickBridge wouldn't be possible without our customers. We have succeeded because they have. Nothing pleases us more than to see their businesses thrive, and to grow right along with them."

- Bob A.

QuickBridge Vice President, Sales

QuickBridge Company Timeline

  • 2011

    • Founded QuickBridge to fill a niche for small business owners who could not access working capital through traditional means.
  • 2012

    • Released the first generation of our workflow platform, allowing us to optimize our process, reduce handle time and increase the speed of funding.
    • Hired our first employee.
    • Formed agreement with first Broker Partner.
  • 2013

    • Reached our first $100 million in working capital delivered to small businesses.
  • 2014

    • Recognized by Orange County Business Journal as the fastest-growing mid-size business in Orange County.
    • Opened a new office in Orange, CA.
    • Secured a $35 million dollar credit facility to expand loan funding services.
    • Released the first generation of our proprietary credit scoring model, which speeds our workflow and allows us to efficiently make smarter loan decisions.
  • 2015

    • Ranked #5 Fastest-Growing Private Company in the country by Inc. Magazine.
    • Won ELFA Operations and Technology Award for our next-generation proprietary lending platform that allows a loan to be processed and funded in as little as 24 hours.
    • Finalist for the ACG Orange County “Growth Story of the Year” Award.
    • Relocated to a 17,000 sq. ft. office space in Irvine, CA.
    • New York satellite office opened to expand our sales presence.
  • 2016

    • Released the fifth generation of our proprietary credit scoring model, “Helix.”
    • Named a BIG Innovation Award winner for our next-generation proprietary lending platform.
    • Launched a new direct funding program, growing our presence in the market and increasing our ability to serve the working capital needs of small businesses.
  • 2017

    • Released the sixth generation of our proprietary credit scoring model, “Helix.”
    • Launched internship program with Cal State University Fullerton Guardian Scholars.
    • Became a Dun & Bradstreet solutions and data partner.
  • 2018

    • QuickBridge is acquired by National Funding, bolstering both companies by combining back-end resources, including advanced technology, innovation and product development.
    • Launched national partnership with LendingTree.
  • 2019

    • Completed $120 million securitization with parent company National Funding and Guggenheim Securities as the sole structuring advisor and purchaser of the notes.
    • Achieved nearly $163 million in loan originations, making it the best year in company history.

The Values We Hold

When we first began, we truly believed that if we put a stake in the ground, defined the kind of organization we wanted to be and held each other accountable for consistently supporting our values, QuickBridge would absolutely thrive. Equally important, everyone here would personally find great satisfaction in their work. So, that’s what we’ve done. Here are the QuickBridge values are that we hold each other to.


We can all spot a fake. It is critical that we focus, every day, on authentically living our values.


We run our business with total transparency. We have nothing to hide.

Award-Winning People

We hire innovators who work diligently to find solutions for our customers. That’s why we’ve been recognized with a BIG Innovation Award and with the ELFA Operations and Technology Excellence Award.


We’ve enjoyed explosive growth for a reason. Our team members continue to lead the industry across all disciplines.


We take great pride in treating our employees as valuable team members. There simply is no other way.


We understand that joining a company is a big commitment. In turn, we are committed to each team member’s professional success.

About QuickBridge Company Culture

A dartboard and ping-pong table in the employee lounge don’t make a culture. People make the culture. People at QuickBridge truly believe that they can help small businesses thrive. It’s an important task considering small businesses provide an amazing 70% of the jobs in America. If we can help those companies grow, we’ll grow with them. And we know it doesn’t work the other way around. The cherry on the sundae is that as those small businesses grow, our business grows with them. That’s why QuickBridge will forever be a company that fires us up. That excites us. That challenges us. We aren’t just a business. We are people who care. And we measure our success by the success of our customers. That’s culture. That’s what gets us up before our alarm clocks on Monday mornings.

Meet Some of the People at QuickBridge


Senior Relationship Manager


“QuickBridge has created an amazing platform for me to grow as a manager and has provided me the chance to spread my wings and develop new, important skill sets. Through the support of my colleagues, I continue to grow both personally and professionally. This is where I am meant to be, and who I am meant to be.”


Senior Relationship Manager


“QuickBridge has equipped me to be self-sufficient in my role and management has continuously challenged me to evolve into the better version of myself. The culture QuickBridge promotes is fun, professional, and positive. I feel blessed to be a part of a company that has such a heart - not only for the client and employees, but our community as well.”


Funding Coordinator


“QuickBridge is such an inclusive and diverse company. The culture here is nothing short of amazing. Management encourages our growth, both personally and professionally. Thanks to them, and the great people who work here, I have seized every opportunity and grown tremendously in both areas.”


VP of Credit and Operations


“I feel as though I have been privileged to grow alongside the organization. Working in multiple roles with easily accessible senior management has allowed me to constantly progress, both personally and professionally.”


Office Administrator


“Working at QuickBridge has been one of the best experiences of my life. In the past few years I have grown both professionally and personally, and QuickBridge has been nothing short of supportive. Management has been proactive in helping my growth and creating new opportunities to continue to learn so that growth never stops. I can’t imagine starting my professional life anywhere else!”


Sales Manager


“QuickBridge has provided me with a great foundation to develop new skills and grow alongside an amazing team of professionals. Through developing real relationships, this has been an exciting journey that has helped me to succeed both professionally and personally. Working for QuickBridge has been a privilege and I’m excited for what’s to come.”

Giving Back to Our Community

For the past several years, we’ve has partnered with OC United, an organization that pairs businesses, non-profits and everyday citizens with their neighbors in need. We have had the privilege of adopting families during the holidays to provide essentials and special gifts to brighten their days, including clothing, personal care items and even beds. QuickBridge commends the efforts of OC United for their commitment to supporting Orange County’s underserved youth, families and homeless population.

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