Why Choose QuickBridge

We Provide Smarter Funding

When we started QuickBridge, we wanted to fix what was broken with small business lending. There was too much paperwork, too many qualifications and the process was too slow. We felt – and still feel – strongly that small businesses deserve honest, professional and effective financial help – and they need a small business loan in days, not weeks or months. That’s why we created Smarter Funding.

Smarter Funding is a financial resource designed to match the unique needs, opportunities and rhythms of your business. This is a solution that gives you the right amount at the right term so you can achieve your immediate goal and move on to the next one. We provide Smarter Funding through a lightning-fast decision-making process and knowledgeable advisors to guide you through every step.

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Learn Why Many Small Business Owners Choose QuickBridge

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Smarter Funding has been used by thousands of businesses just like yours


With Smarter Funding, your business loan terms are clear, easy-to-understand and predictable
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We assign a Smarter Funding lending expert to guide each client and act as an advisor

How Smarter Funding Helps Your Business

Benefits Your Business

A working capital funding solution should benefit your business. That may sound obvious, but we’ve seen too many lenders develop lending platforms that maximize their own profits at the cost of their client’s success. Not only does that offend us, it just isn’t good business.

Works The Way You Do

Business funding needs to be flexible and fast enough to help you take advantage of opportunities. Lenders that make you jump through too many hoops, take too long, or are too restrictive simply don’t help. We designed Smarter Funding to work the way your business does.

Award-Winning Service

Good decisions require the best information and processes. An off-the-shelf lending platform would have limited our ability to provide Smarter Funding. Therefore, we built our own that offers award-winning speed and accuracy in the decision-making process.

Honesty & Integrity

It’s a sad reality that many companies just don’t do what they say they will do. We feel the way we work is a genuine reflection of the kind of people we are. Honesty and integrity are our core values. And looking ourselves in the mirror every day is more important than making a few extra bucks. Plus, it’s good business.

Smarter for Both of Us

We don’t want a one-and-done transaction. We want a true relationship with your business. We believe if we treat you well, you’ll return to us for more business down the road. Win-win.

Puts You in Control

Success is about taking advantage of opportunities. That’s why we created Smarter Funding to be a flexible financial resource your business can use when it needs short-term cash liquidity. Having a resource at hand that you can use when and how you need it helps move your business in the right direction.

Over 84% of our repeat customers see their business revenue improve after working with us.

That’s Smarter Funding.

Award-Winning Business Loan Lending Platform

Smarter Funding begins with our award-winning proprietary lending platform. This tool allows us to make secure, fast, effective loans by matching the amount and term to your particular business need and overall financial picture. We designed it this way for a very simple reason: when you succeed, we succeed.

  Fast and Simple Application Process

We know being quick and agile is critical in today's environment. That's one of the important reasons why we designed our own award-winning lending platform.

  Safe and Secure

We designed our lending platform from the ground up with robust data security features to safeguard your valuable financial information.