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Is a Short Term Loan Right for Your Business Financing Needs?

Short term financing can be particularly beneficial for seasonal businesses that want to maintain cash flow throughout the year, as well as companies that regularly experience delays on accounts receivables to cover expenses. And because short term business loans have predictable repayment terms and no long term obligations, there are no surprises down the road.

No matter the industry, any small business that needs temporary cash for a specific business purpose can benefit from a short term business loan. QuickBridge offers customized, short term financing for businesses in a wide range of industry sectors.

How to Use Short Term Business Loans

Cover Unexpected Expenses

Cover Unexpected Expenses

Help cover emergency expenses like repairs or replacing important equipment. You could also use it for unexpected tax payments or insurance deductibles.
Stabilize Cash Flow

Stabilize Cash Flow

Smooth out cash flow between peak sales months and stay on top of expenses all year long. Being well funded during slow sales periods is vital.
Business Investments

Business Investments

Pursue a business opportunity that requires an initial influx of cash. Take advantage of a surprise discount to buy inventory or machinery for a new project.
Business Expansion

Business Expansion

Use the financing to upgrade or expand your business operations. Cover costs related to opening a new location or expanding your current establishment.

Applying for a Short Term Business Loan is Easy


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The application process is easy and only requires a driver’s license and bank statements.


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We provide fast credit decisions and offer flexible payment options that best fit your specific needs.


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If a credit approval is established, funds are sent directly to your bank account in matter of days.

What Small Business Owners Say

What is a Short Term Business Loan?

A short term business loan is a form of fast financing extended to a borrower for an immediate business need, and typically repaid within a year or less. Because it is a temporary financing solution, a short term loan is an excellent option for borrowers who need working capital for a specific business purpose, like covering a cash flow gap or purchasing equipment.

Many small businesses that have been rejected for a traditional loan turn to short term financing in order to get the funding they need quickly, and without the lengthy approval process common with banks. Alternative lenders like QuickBridge offer a range of customized short term business loans with a variety of flexible payment options.

How to Get Short Term Financing for Your Small Business

Traditional lenders will focus heavily on credit score, time in business and financial history in order to make a lending decision. This approval process can be time consuming and often lead to rejection, especially for newer small businesses that haven’t established a solid credit history.

Alternative lenders like QuickBridge are a welcome option to traditional banks, offering flexible short term small business loans you can take advantage of today. We realize your business is so much more than just a credit score, which is why we look at your whole business. Our experienced advisors will help you choose the lending option best suited to your unique business needs, and help you develop a payment plan that works best for you.

Short Term Business Loan Resources

There’s a lot to consider when thinking about getting short term financing. QuickBridge can help with information and resources to get you started.

What is the Right Business Financing if You Have Cash Flow Problems?

What is the Right Business Financing if You Have Cash Flow Problems?

A common threat to small business health is lack of steady cash flow. Small business cash flow issues can result for a number of reasons, including seasonality and delays in payment. Learn about strategies to maintain steady cash flow, including the use of short term small business loans designed to help manage temporary working capital needs.

4 Financial Habits to Boost Your Small Business Cash Flow

Maintaining healthy business cash flow often begins with employing a few simple financial habits. Knowing how to apply these techniques, including the strategic use of short term working capital, can mean the difference between your small business thriving or failing. Learn more about setting up your short term business cash flow habits for long term success.

4 Financial Habits to Boost Your Small Business Cash Flow

Your Path to Business Funding Starts Here

Your Path to Business Funding Starts Here

Get fast financing for your business when you need it the most, not when the bank decides you're ready. Applying requires no commitment and takes just minutes to complete.

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FAQs: Short Term Business Loans

How long is a short term business loan?
Short term loans typically range from 6 to 18 months, making them a great option for businesses that need fast financing, but don’t want an extended commitment to loan payments. QuickBridge offers a range of short term business loan solutions, and we’ve worked with thousands of small businesses like yours to ensure they get the right financing for their business needs. Apply online to start the loan approval process today.
Why do businesses use short term loans?
A short term business loan is a great option for any business that needs fast financing to support an immediate business expense. For a small business, this could mean covering a cash flow gap, pursuing business expansion, or responding to an emergency. Whatever the reason may be, our experienced funding advisors can help you every step of the way, making sure you get the customized short term loan solution that’s right for your business.
Can I get a small business loan for my startup?
Small business startup loan requests are more likely to be declined by traditional banks because of the risk they carry. Most startups haven’t had the time to build the kind of credit that traditional banks typically require. Our small business loans for startups provide options for new businesses that have been turned down by traditional lenders. We will consider businesses that have been operating for at least six months, and we do not require a down payment or collateral.
Which business loan type is the best for short term financing?
Because it can be used for almost any business purpose, a working capital loan is an excellent short term lending option. Getting a working capital loan is faster and easier than securing long term debt, and repayment terms are short and straightforward.
How do you qualify for a short term business loan?
Our short term loans offer an alternate source of fast funding for borrowers who may have had difficulty getting approved for a traditional bank loan. That means you don’t need a perfect credit score. Simply provide us with some basic information about your business by filling out our online application , and if approved, you could have funds in your bank account in a matter of days.