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When you’re ready to expand your offerings, it may be the time to consider a furniture store small business loan. Maybe your store has gone through some cash flow issues. Or perhaps you’re just trying to grow your business. No matter where your furniture company is at right now, you can use home furnishing business loans to scale operations and make improvements.

There are plenty of hidden costs associated with running a furniture store. These retail spaces require large upfront costs to expand. In addition, business owners need to make regular operational payments that go into upkeep. Securing a furniture store business loan from a trusted lender can help you feel safe and sound with how things are going.

Out-of-the-Box Approach to Furniture Store Business Loans

Furniture store owners face mostly consistent ebbs and flows of business. With no real “busy season,” it can be tough to predict demand in this sector. But no matter the season, when you’re facing cash flow issues, you might have trouble building inventory. If items to go out of stock, customers may search elsewhere to find furniture that’s just right.

It isn’t worth it to lose out on valuable business. That’s often why store owners apply for furniture store business loans to get access to capital when they need it. Some store owners look to bank loans. But for small businesses, this kind of funding isn’t always the right solution. Banks have long, complex application processes. Plus, they’re selective in whom they offer funding to. That means after waiting weeks for furniture store business loans from a bank, you might not even secure the cash you need.

That’s why small business owners are turning to alternative lenders, like QuickBridge. When you apply for furniture store business loans from these sources, you can expect a quick, simple online application. What’s more, they offer fast turnaround rates, giving you access to working capital right when you need it. This can be crucial for furniture store owners who need to stock up on building materials and pieces last minute.

Maximizing the Use of Furniture Store Business Loans

Fill Up Your Space

Fill Up Your Space

One of the major ways you can use a furniture store business loan is to stock up on inventory merchandise. Depending on the type of pieces you sell, you might face the rising costs of raw materials. Lumber and wood production, for instance, continues to increase in cost, as most of this material is sourced from Canada and is subject to tariffs. While higher costs can justify raising your prices, you still have to make the upfront purchase. This can be a blow to your finances. Furniture business financing can cover these costs so you can keep your store stocked and customers pleased.
Keep Business Running Smoothly

Keep Business Running Smoothly

You can use furniture store business loans to cover the ever-changing costs of business operations. Perhaps you planned on using funding to cover the overhead costs needed to grow the business. It’s important to recognize that the day-to-day expenses you incur while running your store can be just as taxing as the big, one-time payments you’ve had to make. What happens when you need to hire a repairman to fix one of your store’s light fixtures? Ora shipment of furniture comes in damaged or destroyed? Furniture store business loans can cover any out-of-the-blue costs that are impacting your bottom line.
Hire and Keep High-Quality Employees

Hire and Keep High-Quality Employees

It takes a diverse group of people to keep a furniture store business running smoothly, including staff in sales, management and delivery. It’s not just the front-of-store employees who keep things flying off the shelves. Your delivery drivers and laborers are essential to your business as well. To keep your top talent, and hire new, experienced professionals, you’ll need to make sure you’re offering competitive pay. You can use a furniture store business loan to cover employee payroll and ensure you’re offering competitive wages and benefits to your workers.
Buying or Maintaining Delivery Trucks

Buying or Maintaining Delivery Trucks

Using a furniture store business loan to purchase a new delivery truck can be a wise investment. Having your own delivery trucks can lower your overall operating costs. Plus, it gives your business more control, not having to rely on a third-party delivery provider. If you currently own delivery trucks, the small business loan can be used for fixing or maintaining the vehicles. Having delivery trucks that are properly running is essential in keeping customers happy by delivering their furniture on time.

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In today’s market, the home furnishings sector is doing better than ever. According to IBISWorld, the furniture store industry earned a total revenue of $65 billion in 2018. This represents a 2.9% increase over a five-year period, from 2013 to 2018, and an increase of 0.9% in 2018 alone. This resource found that no single company controls a large market share. Instead, small privately-run businesses are the primary operators in this sector. While e-commerce has grown in the retail space, many customers still prefer to visit brick-and-mortar spaces. Whether they’re trying out different couches or making sure their dining room set meets their expectations, people have not given up on meandering through stores to find what they’re looking for.

With the furniture industry market proving favorable for small businesses, now’s the right time to grow with a furniture store business loan. Whether you’re trying to get more merchandise or spread the word about your brand, you can trust QuickBridge to give you the funding you need. The right working capital going toward your store can make you feel right at home.

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QuickBridge has helped many furniture store owners secure financing to cover business operating expenses and growth projects. The type of furniture store business loans offered by QuickBridge, can be used to cover just about any business expense. The loan application process is fast and we’ll get you a credit decision within minutes. If your application is approved, we can fund your account in a matter of days. QuickBridge is proud to have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and a five-star Trustpilot rating.


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