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Financing for Growth and to Meet Seasonal Demands

Securing the right retail business loan can give your company the boost it needs to keep up with rising consumer demand. As the owner of a retail establishment, you know how seasonal influxes impact every aspect of your business. During the busiest times of year, you’ve had to bring on new staff and stock up on merchandise. Even if you have steady business all year round, you may have felt held back because of cash flow issues.

When you’re ready to grow your business or looking to prepare for a rise in demand during your busiest seasons, you may want to consider a retail business loan. Where can you find the best retail business loans, and how can you spend this capital to grow your store? We’ll provide you with the advice you need to keep things moving.

An Alternative Approach to Retail Business Loans

Retail store owners understand the rise and fall in demand from customers. They know how important it is to keep inventory stocked up and have a highly skilled group of employees on the floor. Whether it’s the middle of summer or the holiday season, it’s crucial to anticipate customers’ needs and expectations.

To meet these ever-changing demands, you may consider getting a retail business loan. With this extra capital available, you can scale your business while keeping customers happy. Some retailers consider bank loans, as they favor the large loan sizes and high-quality expertise they can get from a bank.. However, banks have long application processes, meaning you may have to wait weeks to see your funding come through. They also have selective loan processes, making it especially hard for small businesses to get access to bank loans. Rather than waiting weeks for a decision, you could apply for a retail business loan from an alternative lender, like QuickBridge.

In general, alternative lenders have quick online applications that make it easier to get access to capital if you are approved. And speaking of approval, factors like inconsistent cash flow and less-than-stellar credit are not an instant “no” for obtaining a retail business loan. Alternative lenders look at a variety of factors to determine your ability to pay. At QuickBridge, we get to know the unique aspects of your business so we can offer the right product for your needs. And as an alternative lender, we know small businesses often need fast access to capital. QuickBridge can get funding into your account in as little as 24 hours.

Ways to Use Retail Business Loans

Inventory and Raw Materials

Inventory and Raw Materials

As a retailer, you rely on the products you sell, making sure you have the right quality and quantity. You can use retail business loans to purchase more merchandise. Depending on what you sell, you might seek out a specific vendor for your supplies. You might even make your own products, meaning you’ll need to stock up on raw materials. Retail inventory financing is helpful for small businesses that need to maintain a certain number of products, whether they’re dealing with busy season or operations as usual.
Business Operations

Business Operations

You can use retail business loans to cover the operational costs that come up through your day-to-day activity. Whether you’re running a brick and mortar retail space or handle most of your business online, it’s likely things will come up unexpectedly. Maybe you need to hire a maintenance team to fix something that’s gone wrong in your space. Or perhaps a shipment of products came through defective. Retail business loans can help you cover any short-term, unexpected costs, keeping business booming without putting a dent in your bottom line.
Seasonal Employment

Seasonal Employment

Whether business is booming in the summertime or holiday season, you may need to bring on extra staff. Retail business loans provide you with the working capital to hire, train, onboard, and pay seasonal staff members. With this extra funding, you won’t need to use your emergency capital to go toward employee payroll. In addition to using retail business financing to attract seasonal workers, you can use this funding to retain your top talent.
Marketing Outreach

Marketing Outreach

As a retail company, there’s always an opportunity to expand your footprint. You can use retail business loans to invest in marketing strategies to attract a wider audience. There are multiple approaches you can take in marketing your retail space. You can invest in digital ads, social media promotions, radio spots, TV commercials, or other formats. Doing so means you’ll need to put forth an upfront cost, but it can result in increased revenue and profits in the long run.

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According to VendHQ’s 2019 Retail Benchmarks Report, the average gross margin in retail — net sales minus the cost of sold products — is 50.96%. The exact gross margin depends on the type of retail business in operation. According to Vend’s report, beverage manufacturers have the highest gross margins — at 60.68% — followed by cosmetics and jewelry, at 57.94% and 56.80% respectively.

Despite the emergence of online retail conglomerates, such as Amazon, the retail industry is still in good shape for small businesses. According to VendHQ, the average monthly revenue for small and medium-sized retailers is $22,340. With the retail industry in good shape in the present and near future, now’s the right time to invest in retail business loans to grow your retail space and attract a broader customer base.

Small Business Loans for Designed for Retail Businesses:

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  • Operating Costs
  • Business Expansion
  • Marketing Expenses
  • Unexpected Bills
  • & Much More ...
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When you’re ready to invest in retail business loans, you can count on QuickBridge to give you the service and convenience you need. Whether you’re on the hunt for financing for your high-end boutique or looking for convenience store loans, we can provide working capital to run and grow your retail business. Our loan professionals are specialized in various industries, including retail, and are equipped with the proper insights to give you the guidance you need to keep business booming. In addition, we have a simple application process, making it simple to get access to retail business financing.

Don’t let poor cash flow and the rise and fall of customer demands keep you from growing your retail business. Working with an alternative lender can give you the flexibility you need to meet and exceed today’s customer expectations. If you’d like to learn more about retail business loans from QuickBridge, get in touch with us today.