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3 Free Leadership Tools for Women Business Owners

There are a variety of free leadership tools and resources for women business owners that can create growth opportunities. Many professional women still face barriers due to gender inequality and common misconceptions about women in the workplace. Resources designed for women can help level the playing field.

Taking advantage of free leadership tools for women business owners lets you position your company for sustained growth. If you’re like most small business owners, you probably don’t have a lot of cash available to throw into your personal skills development. Free leadership tools for women business owners can give you valuable resources without straining your business’ budget. Three tools that stand out include:

1. DreamBuilder

The DreamBuilder tool, from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), provides training for women entrepreneurs. It is among the most valuable free leadership tools for women business owners because of the breadth of materials available. DreamBuilder is a full curriculum covering business management. The program covers developing existing businesses or starting a new one. Either way, part of the course involves creating a fleshed-out business plan to work from.

Coming out of a program with a defined business plan is especially valuable. The plan can give you concrete steps to take and goals to work toward, helping you elevate your business. As you work to sustain growth, formalizing your tactics by either creating a new business plan or revisiting your initial model can be invaluable. The program is available in both English and Spanish.

2. U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce (USWCC) offers free membership options. These give you access to content and networking opportunities. When it comes to free leadership tools for women business owners, the USWCC offers access to news and updates from the organization. This can be great if you’re just looking for some content to provide tips. It’s also nice if you’re tracking news on bids or similar opportunities happening in your industry. The membership also provides access to conferences and networking opportunities.The USWCC also offers affordable membership options with additional benefits, such as discounts for events.

3. Office of Women’s Business Ownership

This is another example of free leadership tools for women business owners from the Small Business Administration. The SBA’s Office of Women’s Business Ownership maintains a network of Women’s Business Centers that serve as central hubs for training, networking, and mentorship. The agency also provides access to its SCORE program, which features more than 10,000 volunteers. The program is designed to connect women with mentors to help them develop their skills. It also offers workshops and a library of content, all for free.

These types of resources are particularly valuable for women business owners seeking growth opportunities. Running a business gets lonely as you’re often handling responsibility on your own. This makes mentors especially helpful. The network of mentors is a great tool to learn more about running a business and tackling difficult situations.

Building on Free Leadership Tools for Women Business Owners

Free business tools can certainly help you grow and develop new skills. But as you come out of courses, events, and mentorship meetings, you’re probably going to have a lot of ideas. Small business loans can help you build on the skills you gain through free programs and take action. Whether you want to address a cash flow issue or fund a specific project, QuickBridge can get you access to cash quickly. Our short-term loans help you grow your business while avoiding the risk of large-scale bank loans. As such, small business loans can help you put lessons learned from free leadership tools for women business owners into action.

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