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Over the last decade, small business owners have found it hard to access working capital to run and grow their operations. Because traditional financial institutions tightened lending restrictions after the last recession, it has become increasingly difficult for many small businesses to find a bank willing to loan them much-needed funds. As a result, lack of funding is one of the top challenges for small businesses today.

As a leader in the alternative small business lending industry, QuickBridge is looking to change this trend. We know the vital role small businesses play in our economy and communities. Our goal is to help small businesses succeed by providing smart financing options. Whether it’s to supplement working capital, providing bridge financing between revenue cycles or expanding into new territories, QuickBridge will work to ensure you obtain a loan that matches the unique needs and opportunities of your business.

Why Small Businesses Can’t Rely on Big Banks

Even for small businesses that can access credit from large banks, obstacles to growth remain. Traditional business loans are unwieldy and can take years to pay off, saddling a small business with long-term debt. It’s also far from a flexible financing arrangement, with limited options and terms.

Instead, QuickBridge offers business financing solutions designed to match the needs of smaller, local firms. Theses flexible small business loans can be used for nearly any business purpose.

QuickBridge provides smarter funding through a lightning-fast decision-making process and knowledgeable advisors to guide you through every step. Upon approval, you’ll see funds deposited into your account in as little as 24 hours and we’ll keep you up to date on your payments and financing options. The result: business owners are treated as partners, not just customers. QuickBridge boasts a high number of repeat clients as a testament to this approach.

Download our free eBook to learn more about the challenges faced by small businesses in need of financing and how QuickBridge is helping to break barriers in the small business financing world. The eBook also includes insight for business owners on topics like:

  • The consequences of bad business loans.
  • Why traditional business credit sources are drying up.
  • How to find a better loan for your small business.
  • The benefits of working with a great lender.


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