31 Jan Technological Tools for Small Business Productivity

Many of us start each year by setting a New Year’s resolution aimed at self-improvement. As a small business owner, it can be easy to intertwine your business and personal life during any given day. It’s not uncommon to feel as though your sense of self-worth is directly dictated by the success of your business. However, many small business owners are turning over a new leaf in 2018. Taking advantage of some of these business productivity technology hacks may provide the kickstart you need to make this your best year yet.

Paper problems

These days, most business owners depend on computers and technological devices to run their everyday operations. However, good old-fashioned paper documents are still a fact of life for most small businesses. The constant use of paper documents can lead to disorganization stemming from poor organizational management. The time and money spent on keeping track of these important paper documents can present a liability to business owners and hinder their businesses success. How can small business owners organize their documents to eliminate this constant headache?

First, know which papers to keep and which can be thrown out, and when. This article from Staples provides a good overview of the essential documents that every business owner should file and organize. These include tax records, legal documents, asset records, gross receipts and many more.

For these important documents that require long-term storage, invest in a quality filing cabinet that’s theft-proof and fire-resistant. You should also make digital copies and store them at a local off-site storage facility. Sort files by year and type so it’s easier to find the documents when you need to.

Tech tools

For everything not on paper, business owners have access to user-friendly software. Digital clutter can often be just as bad as piles of paper, but modern apps make digital organization easy.

Manage contacts

The contacts list on our phones may have replaced the traditionally used Rolodex. But you still need something to keep track of interactions with customers or sales prospects. Many businesses now rely on a customer relationship management system like Salesforce for this purpose. A less tech-heavy option involves linking your contacts and calendar to set personal reminders for appointments or follow-up calls.

Track finances

Small businesses that haven’t taken their accounting platforms to digital are missing out on an easier way to track their cash flow. Tools like QuickBooks, Xero and Wave are widely used by small business owners to make invoicing, payroll, and financial management easier.

Computer cleaning

Simply keeping your digital devices organized might be the best of all the business productivity technology hacks – and we aren’t just talking about dusting off the keyboard. Spend an afternoon cleaning up your computer desktop and re-arranging folders and files to prevent administrative issues down the road.

Find your business productivity flow

Productivity goals and the methods used to achieve those goals differ between individuals. Understanding what strategies work for you is an essential part of improving your overall productivity.

Try to organize tasks based on what’s most important for you. Eliminate the jobs that can be delegated to your coworkers to better manage your time. With a solid to-do list in hand, figure out the most consistently successful way you have completed similar tasks in the past. For example, some people prefer to knock out the hardest items on their daily agenda first, while others excel by finishing their quickest duties right away.

Regardless of your individual productivity style, speed is always a priority when it comes to business financing. And whether you want invest in some business productivity technology hacks or simply secure capital funding, a short-term loan offers a quick solution.

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