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Tariffs and Small Businesses: Exploring the Real-World Implications of Recent Tariffs

The current global economic climate is being heavily impacted by tariffs, and small businesses are no exception. From pricing and sales fluctuations to growth-related strategies, the influence of tariffs touches nearly every aspect of business operations.

We recently surveyed nearly 300 small business owners and asked them how tariffs affect their business from an economic perspective. In this eBook, we present these results and explore current ideology around tariffs and their overall economic impact. We also discuss how small business owners can use financing as an effective tool for business change and limiting risk in the face of new tariffs.

What you will learn:

•  Are recent tariffs influencing small business pricing and sales?

•  Are tariffs impacting small business growth?

•  Do small businesses believe that tariffs are influencing the national economy?

•  How to best position your business for economic shifts in the marketplace.

•  How to use financing as a tool for small business resiliency.


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