16 Aug Small Business Website Checklist: What to Consider for Today’s Web Demands

A website is much more than a digital brochure for your business. It’s an opportunity to build relationships with customers, reach audiences, and establish your identity as a brand. With so many possibilities, you need a small business website checklist to help you focus on the most essential elements.

Of course, your website needs will vary depending on what your business does. Either way, upgrading your site can create financial challenges, making short-term loans devoted to marketing critical. Here’s a checklist of key issues to consider if you’re a product business or a service-based company:

Small Business Website Checklist for Product Companies

If your business is sales-focused, be ready to sell your assets online. To keep up with today’s digital pace, you need to provide customers with an easy way to make orders and purchases. However, setting up an e-commerce site can be a demanding process. Here are a few of the most important questions you should ask yourself as you create your small business website checklist:

How much effort can we put into the website? Moving to online sales can disrupt your business, forcing workers to spend more time and energy on website maintenance and management. You’ll need to identify what resources your team has available and develop your strategy accordingly.

What will the checkout process look like? Optimizing the online checkout process plays a vital role in reducing cart abandonment rates and creating positive customer experiences. The key is to define what you consider to be necessary components of the checkout process. These include:

• Estimating shipping types
• Managing tax and service fees
• Collecting payment card data
• Gathering data to support order fulfillment
• Allowing for customization and personalization

While these are all important considerations, you may not need to implement all of them. Take the time to consider the shopping experience you want to create and adjust to customer behavior.

What needs to be done to optimize your product catalog? It is essential that your products are properly organized and attractively displayed on your site. This is especially true as you expand your product catalog. Make sure you identify how much work needs to be done to present your goods online in the best light possible.

Small Business Website Checklist for Service Companies

The small business website checklist for service companies is a bit different than product companies. While a service company may allow customers to sign up online, e-commerce isn’t the priority. Instead, if you run a service business, you’ll want your website to support lead generation. This can be done by informing customers about your business and establishing thought leadership. Here are a few key questions to answer before launching a website:

What’s my content strategy? Search engines are essential in getting people to your site. The right content and SEO strategy can go a long way in increasing web traffic and generating leads. Define your tactics so you can align your content plans with your primary goals.

What information do we absolutely need from prospects? Generating leads is only valuable if you get the right information from a prospect. You don’t want to follow up with a lead, only to find out the person isn’t a fit for your services. Be sure to optimize your lead-gen and contact forms to get the right data in as few questions as possible.

How should we showcase our services? Developing a strategy to highlight your various service offerings, and how they differ from your competitors, is vital in moving prospects down the sales funnel.

Universal Small Business Website Checklist

No matter what type of business you run, there are several decisions to make as you build and manage your website. These include:

• What platform you should use for the site
• How the site will be hosted
• What staffing changes will be needed to support the site
• The frequency of site updates
• Connecting the site to your social channels
• Managing SEO and ensure basic best practices are in place
• Optimizing your site for mobile viewing

Addressing these issues can lead to additional expenses. Luckily, there is funding available to help drive your success as you tackle your small business website checklist.

Getting Funding for Your Website

A strategic funding strategy can be vital in helping you complete your small business website checklist. Unsecured loans or similar financing options can be used to hire a development agency or bring in specialists to help you launch and maintain your site. QuickBridge can help you identify the right loan for your needs. Contact us today.

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