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Cybersecurity and Small Businesses: Are you Protecting Your Customers?

Small business cybersecurity has become impossible to ignore as cyberthreats aimed at small businesses continue to rise. Today’s attacks are simple enough to be deployed at a large scale, and hackers are using them to target small businesses that typically have a moderate amount of data with minimal security.

Staggering recent statistics found that about half of small businesses have or will experience a cyberattack. Even more alarming, approximately 60% of small businesses that fall victim to cybercrimes are unable to recover and are forced out of business within six months. With risk rising at an astronomical pace, small businesses must prepare themselves to not only keep attackers at bay but also respond effectively in the event of a disaster.

At QuickBridge, we take small business cybersecurity seriously. To safeguard your business and customer data from sudden attacks, it’s critical that you are informed and have the proper security protocols in place.

Don’t let your business become just another statistic. Download our FREE cybersecurity white paper and review our ransomware infographic to discover which industries are most at-risk for cyberattacks, the data hackers are targeting, the methods they use, and how supplementary working capital can be used to protect your business and your customers.

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This infographic highlights the cyber threat of ransomware on small businesses and ways you can protect your business network systems.

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