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05 Dec Managing Finances in a Seasonal Industry

Overseeing your business finances is hard enough in any industry, but when it's dependent on a cyclical pattern, it can seem insurmountable. For better or worse, many businesses deal with seasonality in their sales. Managing finances in a seasonal industry is a constant battle for many ...

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29 Nov Insurance Tips for Small Businesses

Small business management, like any other kind of entrepreneurial endeavor, involves taking big risks. However, any successful business owner will be quick to admit there are some risks not worth taking, like foregoing business insurance. Learning more about small business insurance tips that can prevent ...

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29 Nov The Basics of Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a rare example of a finance term that makes intuitive sense: a loan that bridges the gap from one big financial move to another. These bridge loan gap financing programs support small businesses through times of change and can be a stepping ...

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