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16 Sep 5 Effective Ways to Generate Real Estate Agency Leads

Perhaps the most important part of establishing yourself as a real estate agent is generating leads. But because you may be new to the game, you may not know quite where to start. The good news is that there is a wealth of knowledge out there. From networking with other agents to improving your online presence, you have many options to generate leads.

While generating real estate agency leads is possible through a variety of means, we offer five direct, cost-efficient options:

1. Improve Local Search Presence on Google

Google uses a variety of factors in ranking pages for its search engine. One key factor is the business’ location. If somebody searches for a real estate agent with location sharing turned on for the device, then Google can automatically organize results based on location. In this way, you don’t need to compete with every real estate agency in the country to get ranked for search. Instead, you focus on outranking local firms. So revisiting your SEO strategy and ensuring your site is healthy can be key in maximizing leads by bringing traffic to your site.

2. Buy Adwords for Specific Community Searches

Google’s Adwords platform lets you create ads and have them display in various locations, such as search results, mobile apps, or relevant websites. You can create a location-specific ad aimed at targeting the communities you serve, making that content easier to focus on your audience. And from there, you can run a paid campaign with Google. Generating real estate agency leads doesn’t always require a lot of legwork. Taking full advantage of search and Adwords can be invaluable, and you have options, such as getting a small loan, to handle the costs.

3. Network With Contractors

Construction and renovation are often great signs that a homeowner is interested in putting a property up for sale. Generating real estate agency leads is easier if you know some local contractors who can tip you off when one of their clients has ordered a project to get the home ready for sale. Making this connection can give you a steady stream of leads that you can tap into to generate potential listings.

4. Get to Know Community Influencers

Have you ever run into a person who seems to know just about everybody in town? Every community seems to have a few such influencers. And they can be great when it comes to generating real estate agency leads. With so many contacts across your community, these influencers will likely have heard about people who are thinking about selling their homes. Not to mention businesses looking for new locations, or any other opportunities that may be on the horizon.

5. Increase Involvement in Community Events

Of course, you won’t get much help generating real estate agency leads if nobody in your community knows who you are. Building some brand awareness is key for lead generation. Set aside some time to get involved in local events. Besides getting your name out there and building goodwill with local residents, it’ll also be a great chance to meet new people. Any one of the individuals you run into could be an influencer, contractor, or business owner who can tell you about a few leads.

Find Funds for Generating Real Estate Agency Leads

While most of the strategies we’ve outlined are pretty affordable, they all take time and some do come with direct costs. Whether you need to hire a web marketing specialist, bring on a part-time assistant to do clerical work so you can perform community outreach, or fund a specific project, the right small business loan can go a long way. QuickBridge can get you funding within just a few days of applying for a loan, making us a great partner as you look to get a lead generation edge.

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